Which Cities in Mexico Are the Best for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?



Mexico is a vibrant country known for its pristine beaches, delicious cuisine, and friendly people. However, many people are unaware that Mexico is also a popular destination for medical tourism. Mexican surgeons are the most highly qualified in Latin America and receive years of education and training before working with patients. Many surgeons specialize in bariatric care and provide medical procedures for those who want to lose weight. 

Where is the Best Place to Have Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a highly effective procedure that can help patients lose significant weight and combat cravings. There are many bariatric centers throughout Mexico. However, some cities are more well-known for providing world-class care and medical services. Following are some of the most popular cities tourists visit to receive this life-changing treatment.


Tijuana is located near El Paso and is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations for bariatric surgery. Why do people go to Tijuana for gastric sleeve? There are many reasons why people go to Tijuana for weight loss surgery. One of the reasons is because of the high-quality facilities. SER Hospital is a top bariatric and plastic surgery hospital in the area. It provides high-quality care and is only one mile from the United States border.

In addition, Tijuana is also known for its shopping malls, museums, and historical tourist attractions. Because of its proximity to the United States, many locals are bilingual and friendly to visitors. There are many bariatric surgery facilities throughout Tijuana, each featuring nationally renowned surgeons, top-rate facilities and quality care.

Tijuana is the top destination for bariatric surgery in Mexico. You’ll find the most bariatric surgeons operating out of Tijuana and the top bariatric centers.

Tijuana the best city for undergoing bariatric surgery in Mexico. You’ll find the most competent and experienced gastric sleeve surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico, and the best all-inclusive prices.


Cancun is one of the most well-known medical tourism destinations for several reasons. Cancun offers breathtaking landscapes, white sand beaches, and beautiful weather year-round. Because most bariatric surgery patients bring a companion to assist them as they recover from surgery, there is plenty to keep them busy in Cancun while their friend or family member is in the hospital.

Cancun is also widely considered one of the safest cities in Mexico, so medical tourists are sure to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the area. Cancun is also home to Hospital Azura Cancun, one of the medical facilities that’s part of the Renew Bariatrics hospital network. This technologically advanced medical facility is newly renovated and well-known for its state-of-the-art laparoscopic weight loss equipment.

Other Cities to Consider

Mexico City

Mexico City is full of rich history and vibrant culture and is also one of the most popular destinations for those seeking bariatric surgery. This city features modern hospitals, affordable medical procedures and highly trained surgeons. Several medical facilities throughout the city offer world-class accommodations and luxury amenities to keep you comfortable during your stay. In addition, Mexico City is a popular tourist destination spot, which means you can combine your surgical procedure with a memorable vacation.


If you’re looking for a bariatric center conveniently close to the United States, consider having your operation in Matamoros. Matamoros lies across the border from Brownsville, Texas, and thousands of tourists make the short drive across the border to obtain medical treatments there every year. Due to the proximity to the United States, many medical clinics in Matamoros offer shuttle services between the two countries, which may be beneficial for those without reliable transportation.

Piedras Negras

Lying across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, Piedras Negras is an excellent option for those seeking bariatric surgery. Piedras Negras offers easy access to some of the region’s most technologically advanced medical centers. Like Matamoros, you can travel to Piedras Negras on foot or by car since it is situated conveniently on the border. In addition, Piedras Negras features a variety of accommodations that are sure to fit any budget. Residents of Piedras Negras are friendly, and the restaurants serve authentic, high-quality Mexican food, so you’ll feel welcome regardless of how long you choose to stay.


Monterrey and the surrounding area have plenty to offer medical tourists, including breathtaking views of Mexico’s northern deserts and mountain ranges. Monterrey is the capital of Nuevo Leon and is an important city that plays a significant role in the country’s economic prosperity. With a rich culture and history, Monterrey has plenty to see and do, and it is often considered one of Mexico’s most modernized cities. If you want affordable health care and technologically advanced surgical procedures, consider visiting Monterrey.


Juarez is well known for high-quality medical care and exemplary hospitality. This city is just a few miles from El Paso and is home to several state-of-the-art hospitals, highly trained staff and physicians. Those seeking medical procedures there can enjoy Juarez’s colorful culture while they’re recovering or travel back across the border while returning for follow-up appointments with ease.


Located just across the border from Calexico, California, Mexicali has long been a popular destination for medical care for migrant workers living in America as well as Americans. Mexicali offers excellent activities for tourists, including a vibrant nightlife, delicious food and talented artists. Mexicali also features one of the largest Chinese communities in Mexico, making the culture varied and unique. There are also designated vans and medical tourism transportation to and from Mexicali for those seeking surgical procedures in the city.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta features seven modern hospitals and many more medical centers throughout the city, so finding the exact type of care you need will never be an issue. Doctors and surgeons in Puerto Vallarta are bilingual, use the latest medical technology and often accept international medical insurance. Many ex-pats call Puerto Vallarta home, especially after retirement. Puerto Vallarta’s stunning beaches, beautiful sunsets and vibrant nightlife make it an incredible city to enjoy before your surgical procedure.

Is It Safe To Go to Mexico for Gastric Sleeve?

Yes, especially in Tijuana and Cancun. No matter the city you choose for your gastric sleeve surgery, you’ll find excellent healthcare, world-class service and safe medical facilities throughout Mexico. This is especially true for medical facilities in Tijuana and Cancun.

Every year, thousands of Americans travel to Mexico to receive affordable healthcare that would otherwise be unattainable in the United States. Take your first step towards better health and book a consultation with a bariatric surgeon in Mexico today.