Pros and Cons of VSG Surgery in Mexico



Over a million Americans travel to Mexico annually for medical purposes. The alarming rise in obesity cases has seen many Americans seek alternative, safer, and more permanent treatments. This has seen a larger percentage of obese patients seek super effective and safe bariatric surgery in Mexico. According to a recent study, the safety and efficacy rates of VSG surgery in Mexico stand at more than 85 percent.

As medical tourism in Mexico gains traction, it’s wise for patients who choose this route to weigh the positive and negative sides. Even as vertical sleeve gastrectomy becomes the most prevalent bariatric procedure, it has its pros and cons.

Pros of VSG surgery in Mexico 

Many people across the globe organize medical tours to Mexico for good reasons. The successful bariatric surgery industry has been triggered by top-tier surgeons, service affordability, and accessibility.

Cost-Friendly Surgical Sessions 

High-grade, low-priced VSG surgical procedures are the primary trigger behind increased medical tours to Mexico. Medical procedures in Mexico cost less by up to 89% compared to the U.S. According to a study published on PMC PUBMED Central, the average price of bariatric surgery in the United States is $14,389. Prices for this procedure vary between $7423 and $33,541, depending on the procedure.

On the other hand, the cost of bariatric surgical procedures in Mexico averages between $4399 and $11,000. You could get Gastric Sleeve surgery for an amount lower than $4500. In America, the lowest you can get for the same procedure is $7400. The cost of living in Mexico is lower, the same as the equipment and labor costs. These are the major drivers behind the lower costs.

Many Clinics and Hospitals Offer Bariatric Procedures 

Obese people lack the patience to wait for months to get booked into a VSG procedure. Considering the lower number of well-equipped and facilitated American clinics and hospitals offering bariatric surgical procedures, many patients prefer Mexico.

Mexico has hundreds of well-facilitated hospitals featuring state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained specialists. You don’t even need to move to the country’s hub. You can get premium services in border towns like Nogales, Tijuana, and Mexicali. You will find top-notch medical facilities that offer top-notch VSG procedures while maintaining high quality and safety standards.

Industry-ready and Veteran Surgeons 

Mexico is the home of hundreds of globally-recognized and top-perfectionist VSG surgeons. These are industry-ready specialists who have acquired professional skills and knowledge of VSG procedures and weight loss. They have undergone rigorous training and hold top-tier certifications. Because they know the nitty-gritty of VSG procedures and commit to patient-centered care, you are assured of safety and precision.

Awesome Touristic Experience

One beautiful thing about VSG surgery tourism to Mexico is the amazing tourist and cultural experience you enjoy. Mexico is globally recognized for its beautiful scenery and cultural heritage. You get to recuperate in a scenic environment. You can even enjoy their cuisine and natural landscape to ease your tension and stress when recovering.

Quality and Personalized Care 

The quality of medical care in Mexico is top-notch and patient-centered. Hospitals and medical facilities focus on delivering personalized pre-surgery consultations and comprehensive follow-up care solutions. You get recommendations for personalized exercise and diet plans to guarantee fast healing. The patient-to-doctor experiences are warm as you are dealing with experts who prioritize your safety and health.

VSG Key Cons 

The following are some cons to know before booking a medical tour to Mexico for a VSG surgery.

Language Barrier 

The biggest drawback of VSG Mexican medical tours is the issue of language. Only 12% of the Mexican population can understand and fluently speak English. Some hospitals champion the adoption of multilingual surgeons and doctors, but the penetration rates are still low. You might be lucky to book your VSG procedure with a hospital with English-speaking surgeons. But always be ready for anything, remembering that unclear communication can affect service quality.

Follow-up Care Limitations

VSG, like many other surgical procedures, requires strict and careful post-operative care. Yes, you have to be booked for follow-up care services to ensure you heal well and fast. Touring Mexico from a country far away means you’ll have to spend weeks in the country or book appointments whenever the doctor organizes a post-operative care session. This translates to higher costs and lots of inconvenience on the patient’s side.

Risk of Complications 

The risk of complications becomes almost inevitable due to the language barrier and limited post-operative procedures. Surgeons need to understand your situation to prescribe the best time for the VSG procedure. They need to have you around when the need for checkup care arises. This becomes a problem when you are not a resident and have to travel for hours.

Insurance Coverage Issues 

A major drawback of traveling to Mexico for VSG surgery is the insurance coverage limitations. The majority of insurance plans offered by U.S. health insurance companies don’t cover medical expenses you incur outside of the country. Therefore, you will have to pay for all your Mexico VSG surgery costs out of pocket.

Lack of Legal Protection 

Although medical malpractices resulting from negligence rarely happen in top-notch Mexican hospitals, they do occur. The problem comes with filing for a medical claim after medical malpractice in Mexico. That is because Mexico has a different legal system than the United States and the compensation laws differ.

Wrapping Up

Mexico is one of the favorite destinations for people seeking to lose weight fast and safely through VSG surgical procedures. Its affordable procedures, high accessibility of facilities, and top-cream surgeons have made that possible. Unfortunately, there is the issue of language barriers and post-operative follow-up limitations. Always book your surgical procedures with trusted and leading providers for more affordable and reliable services.