How Do I Compare Prices for Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana?



Comparing costs for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana can be a difficult, as not all providers are truly all-inclusive. This makes it hard for self-pay medical tourists to figure out the true costs of their bariatric surgery.

The best way to compare prices is to ask a lot of questions before scheduling surgery. Not all patient coordinators will be transparent regarding costs, so it’s wise to comb through the bariatric center’s reviews before scheduling.

HINT: Some providers in Mexico don’t publicly display reviews (Google Reviews, Facebook, etc). This should be a red flag, as why wouldn’t a bariatric center want to give their past patients a place to review them? Renew Bariatrics is proud to display reviews of their patients.

While gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most effective ways to experience beneficial, long-lasting weight loss, it often comes with a price. Gastric sleeve surgical procedures in the United States can cost as much as $30,000 after insurance. In addition, receiving approval from insurance companies can take months, which is frustrating and detrimental to your health. Gastric sleeve surgery is safe and cost-effective in Tijuana.

Thousands of people enjoy successful weight loss by scheduling their procedures in Mexico every year. If you are thinking about surgery, you are probably wondering how to compare prices for your operation in Tijuana. Following are some helpful tips to consider when looking for the right clinic and surgeon to handle your care.

How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Cost?

Several factors come into play when determining the price of gastric sleeve procedures:

  • The location (city and state)
  • The qualifications, expertise and credentials of the surgeon
  • The hospital facility
  • Which aspects of pre-operative and post-operative care are part of the package
  • Does the bariatric center include take-home medications
  • Does the center typical add-on costs post-surgery
  • Insurance coverage (although bariatric clinics in Mexico do not typically accept insurance)

Before scheduling gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, you must thoroughly research your options and choose a healthcare provider known for their expertise. Like searching for clinics in the United States, it’s necessary to be cautious and select from providers with a proven track record, excellent reviews and professional certifications.

What Are Gastric Sleeve Surgery Packages?

The costs and inclusions for gastric sleeve packages can vary widely between individual medical facilities. While some clinics only cover minimum pre and post-operative care and the actual procedure, other clinics offer all-inclusive packages, including hotel stay, travel expenses and other expenditures. Some of the typical inclusions in gastric sleeve surgery packages are:

  • Pre-operative tests (including blood work, blood tests and preliminary evaluations)
  • Pain medications, antibiotics and other medications for post-operative care
  • Pre and post-operative hotel stay
  • Nutritionist program and additional aftercare
  • Private transportation to the airport, hotel and hospital
  • Anesthesiology and surgical fees
  • Post-operative leak test and X-ray
  • Support group for bariatric surgery patients
  • Additional support and leisure activities for your companion

While this is a non-exhaustive list, most surgical packages will contain some combination of these services. Patients may also request additional services at an added cost. Many packages will also feature options for your travel companion.

Why Are Gastric Sleeve Operations Less Expensive in Mexico?

While gastric sleeve procedures are more expensive in the United States, they are substantially cheaper in Mexico. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford the surgery in the United States. For those who can obtain insurance coverage for gastric sleeve surgery, it is often a long, tedious process consisting of paperwork, wait times and additional health screenings. This delay in care can lead to worsening conditions of common comorbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. For some people, this delay can even be life-threatening.

Gastric sleeve surgery is much more affordable in Mexico for several reasons:

  • The overall cost of living is much lower in Mexico, meaning surgeons and staff live comfortably on lower wages.
  • The current exchange rate between Mexican and American currency makes medical care affordable for tourists.
  • Some high-volume hospitals and doctors offer substantial discounts for specialized services.
  • Because malpractice insurance costs are significantly lower in Mexico, patients are less motivated to file lawsuits.
  • Mexico’s growing medical tourism industry creates competitive pricing at bariatric care clinics.
  • There is much less administrative paperwork involved in Mexican healthcare.

In addition to affordability, physicians and staff all receive the same thorough training that American healthcare workers receive. The upfront, transparent pricing, medical grade equipment, high level of care at accredited facilities and world-renowned surgeons mean you will receive compassionate care throughout your stay in Mexico.

Choosing the Right Gastric Sleeve Surgeon

While Tijuana is the best place to receive gastric sleeve surgery, you must make sure to choose the right surgeon for the job. It is best to steer clear of physicians with little to no track records who try to sell deeply discounted gastric sleeve packages. When researching the best gastric sleeve surgeons, you’ll want to make sure they meet specific criteria, including that:

  • They have specialized qualifications, education and board certifications (including with the Mexican Board of General Surgery and The Mexican College of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery)
  • The surgeon possesses comprehensive clinical experience and mastery of surgical techniques
  • They are offering you the operation you actually need
  • They are fully transparent with their track record and have many good reviews from bariatric patients
  • The surgeon can speak basic English, has an excellent bedside manner and answers all of your questions
  • They have specified daily surgery limits (to help ensure good surgical outcomes)
  • The surgical team is proficient and experienced with the treatment and care of bariatric patients

Remember, if you feel uncomfortable with your surgeon’s qualifications, experience or the medical facility, take the time to research other options instead. While bariatric care in Mexico is safe, some surgeons may overstate their qualifications or may not have the expertise necessary to deliver high-quality care.

Weight loss surgery is a good choice for most people who struggle with obesity. Not everyone has insurance coverage or the time it may take to wait for weight loss surgery approval in the United States. Renew Bariatrics is a trusted bariatric surgery provider that can help you meet your health and weight loss goals and enjoy a better quality of life. If you’re ready to change your life with gastric sleeve surgery, fill out this form for a free quote today.