Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico Statistics



Every year, between 1.4 and 3 million people travel to Mexico to receive high-quality medical care at a fraction of what it would cost in the United States. One of the most popular medical procedures is gastric bypass surgery. If you are considering making the trip to Mexico for bariatric surgery, you may have concerns regarding how safe it is to receive medical treatment there. Fortunately, statistics show that not only is it very safe to receive surgery in Mexico, but it’s cost-effective, too.

What Is the Success Rate of Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana?

Research regarding gastric sleeve surgery shows a high rate of successful weight loss one year after surgery. Likewise, a study published in 2017 shows that patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery lose between 60 to 95% of their excess body weight and keep this weight off at least five years after surgery.

Not only are bariatric surgery procedures in Mexico safe and effective, but they are also much less expensive, with the average operation costing much less than procedures in the United States. For example, a study regarding the affordability of bariatric surgery in the United States found that weight loss procedures cost an average of $14,389. This amount is unrealistic for the average person seeking bariatric surgery, causing a significant barrier to treatment. This delay may cause their health to worsen over time, increasing their risk of developing hypertension, sleep apnea and even diabetes. Fortunately, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is as low as $4,300 and includes the surgical fee, the cost of anesthesia, pre and post-operative tests and more.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico Safe?

Research suggests that the success rate and positive effects of bariatric surgery for patients who travel to Mexico are comparable to that of patients in the United States. A study from 2019 analyzed the outcome of 500 bariatric surgery patients in Mexico to determine if their procedures were successful. They followed patients for a period of four and a half years and discovered that bariatric surgery in Mexico is safe and effective due to the low number of adverse effects. In addition, patients lost a substantial amount of weight and successfully maintained a healthier BMI for many years after their operations. Some patients with diabetes also found it easier to control their blood sugar.

What is the Rate of Complications for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

One of the main reasons people are apprehensive about receiving their bariatric surgery in Mexico is concerns about complications. Fortunately, the complication rate is comparable to procedures in the United States. The majority of patients do not experience any issues at all.

A comprehensive study of bariatric procedures in Mexico analyzed the outcome of 500 bariatric surgeries in a high volume bariatric center. During this study, researchers found an early complication rate of 9.8%. In addition, there was a later complication rate of 12.2%, resulting in no deaths. This study is similar to one conducted in 2017 which found a complication rate of 20% in Amsterdam. In addition, a study in India discovered a complication rate of 3.13% but a mortality rate of .16%. This mortality outcome is higher than the mortality rate found in the study in Mexico, which was 0%.

Why Should I Consider Getting Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

There are many reasons you should consider scheduling weight loss surgery in Mexico. Not only will you save a substantial amount of money, but you can enjoy world-class accommodations, personalized care and support from the moment you arrive for treatment in Mexico:

  • Bariatric surgery in Mexico is highly affordable
  • Clinics in Mexico offer all-inclusive packages
  • You can enjoy saving on the cost of travel and accommodation
  • Quick scheduling of procedures means you won’t experience prolonged wait times
  • Bariatric facilities in Mexico feature the latest medical technology
  • Most clinics offer affordable payment options and financing plans
  • Surgeons are highly experienced and internationally trained
  • Receive personalized care from specially trained teams of healthcare providers
  • Flexible surgery dates allow you to schedule your operation so that it doesn’t interfere with your schedule
  • You can combine gastric sleeve surgery with a vacation and experience the beauty and richness of Mexican culture.
  • Qualified and experienced medical professionals are proficient in English, which ensures clear communication throughout the process.
  • Receive compassionate pre and post-operative support and comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process

There are many reasons why thousands of people decide to visit Mexico every year to receive bariatric surgery. Not only are these procedures affordable, but they can help you lose excess weight and regain your self-confidence.

Choosing to undergo bariatric surgery is a big decision. It’s understandable if you still have questions. To learn more about your surgical options and other considerations regarding surgery in Mexico, contact us today to learn more. You can learn more about the benefits of bariatric surgery and decide whether it is the right solution for you.